Discover the latest trends and investment opportunities in the rapidly growing Chinese Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) market. Learn about the market size, application areas, key industry players, and future prospects in this comprehensive report.

Market Overview

Market Size and Growth

In 2020, the Chinese AOI inspection market was valued at approximately 12.3 billion RMB, with a projected growth to 190.7 billion RMB by 2022. This significant growth trajectory highlights the increasing demand for AOI technology in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Application Areas and Market Penetration

AOI inspection technology is widely used in PCB, semiconductor, and FPD panels, with PCB being the dominant application area. Despite being essential in SMT production lines, the current market penetration of AOI inspection equipment in China is only around 50%.

Key Industry Players

Leading companies in the Chinese AOI inspection industry include Zhenhuaxing, JETI Electronics, Jingtuo Shares, Changchuan Technology, and Guanghong Technology. The market is characterized by a mix of international, Taiwanese, and domestic manufacturers, with international players holding a majority market share.

Development Trends and Growth Drivers

Technological Advancements

Technological advancements in AOI inspection include high-resolution imaging, real-time monitoring, cloud-based data analysis, and automation. These advancements are driving the growth of the market and enhancing the efficiency of inspection processes.

Market Growth Drivers

The demand for miniaturized components in electronic products and the need for efficient automated inspection solutions are key drivers of market growth. Rising labor costs are also prompting companies to invest in AOI technology for quality assurance.

Investment Outlook

With continuous technological advancements and growing market demand, the Chinese AOI market presents significant investment opportunities. By 2026, the market size for AOI inspection services is expected to reach around 29 billion RMB, with the equipment market size surpassing 300 billion RMB.


The Chinese AOI market is poised for continued growth, driven by technological innovation and increasing market demand. As the electronics manufacturing industry evolves, the widespread adoption of AOI inspection technology is expected to fuel further market expansion and opportunities for industry participants.