Double Conveyor AOI (In-line) VCTA-D810

►Intelligent double conveyor structure design, the machine with the customer’s double conveyor reflow or mounting machine seamless docking, cuts down the consumption.

►According to the customer’s own production demands to choose the double conveyor single vision system or double conveyor two vision system configuration.

► double conveyor programs can be free to switch & combination to respond to different production needs.

►Two sets of inspection system can share the database, can output the SPC report.


The first conveyor is fixed, the second and the third conveyors are automatically adjustable, the fourth conveyor can adjust manually,The maximum width of the 1-4 Conveyor is 686mm

The inspection range between:50×50mm~450×300mm.

The same series multi-configuration apply for different requests

The professional character recognition function (OCR/OCV), further enhance the testing precision


Database sharing and statistical functions


All internal AOI are managed via central server, all single machines are in remote control. SPC reports will be generated through collection and analysis of all data to promote process improvement and improve products passing rate.

Detailed SPC Analysis Report


To generate a variety of visual reports through analysis and statistics from testing results of all products.

Both double conveyors single head and double heads AOI are pioneered by us, which can joint with other front and rear equipment in SMT seamlessly, save load and unload time to carry out continuous operation to improve productivity. Meanwhile, this equipment can choose a variety of light source using high-speed digital camera to achieve the highest detective capability. This can be placed in multiple stations of SMT line like after print, before reflow and after reflow.


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