Feb 15, 2020

AOI  location in SMT line

AOI SPI location in SMT line

Industry 4.0 – known as the Smart Factory –promises to transform the manufacturing and production infrastructure in profound ways. This new practice will enable breakthrough gains in production efficiency and agility, boost overall yield, and lower production costs substantially.

Key to this effort is the ability to source, aggregate and analyze production data at real-time speed, with end-to-end, pinpoint-precision visibility into the production line.

VCTA solves these processes, particularly when it comes to the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs). It helps PCB fabricators to make smart decisions on process improvements: Digital processes such as direct imaging, inspection, laser drilling and legend digital printing are accurately measuring and inspecting the PCB panels in different production stages. Real-time, high-precision inspection shortens decision making cycles and improves yield.

If repeated defects in the PCBs aren’t detected quickly and accurately, hundreds of processed panels may ultimately need to be scrapped – this is wasteful and expensive. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems can help eliminate this issue by quickly identifying recurring defects and localized defect distribution, alerting the manufacturer in real time to halt the line and/or troubleshoot the preceding processes such as etching or environmental conditions.

In the future, decision making responsibilities will increasingly be transferred from humans to machines, and the frictionless,omni-directional flow of data across the supply chain and factory floors will enable the real-time responsiveness and agility that make Industry 4.0 a reality.