3D In-line AOI VCTA-S910

  • High precision control platform
  • High speed Industry camera
  • Four projective structure grating system
  • True color 3D image


A High precision control platform

The motion platform adopts the Linear motor, high-speed, stable, no vibration, no noise. With the high precision grating closed-loop feedback system, the movement precision can reach 1um.

High precision control system of AOI

High precision control system of AOI


B High speed Industry camera

Import 12Mp High frame rate industrial camera and Telecentric lens to achieve the high-speed photography; Self-owned intellectual property RGB light can get 2D & 3D true color image which look realistic; The GPU parallel processing technique can greatly improve the speed of calculation and detection.


C Four projective structure grating system

The N step phase shifting algorithm based on the white light Moire fringe technique, providing high inspect accuracy; There are multiple grating for option to deal with light and shadow.

4 projects system of AOI

D True color 3D image

Phase measuring profilometry (PMP ) based on the sinusoidal motion projection by structure grating, the multiple images by discrete phase shift, to calculate the phase distribution by multi-phase, the triangulation and so on to get the high-precision outline and volume of the object to be measured and shown in 3D true color.

Dimension of VCTA-S910


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