Two synchronous vision systems

  • The machine has two synchronous vision systems, which can automatically detect the two sides of the both sides of the PCB, and synchronous output inspection results.
  • According to the actual inspection needs to choose the form of machine working, such as the top side and bottom side inspected at the same time, or only inspect the current side.
  • The mutual exclusion function of the light source can effectively avoid the mutual interference between the upper and lower pictures at the same time.

A/B face data sharing:

  • Through the intelligent camera barcode recognition system, automatic read the barcode on the TOP side or BOT side, the barcode information can be selected according to requirements and can be shared, and the data maintenance is more convenient.

Intelligent user management system

  • Software can be 2-Dbarcodes authentication for management, ensure the rigor of software operation and modification.
  • Fault tracing: Program modifications and testers can be traced, strengthen the operation and management of AOI program.