As PCB products move toward ultra-thin, small components, high density, and fine pitch. The assembly density of the components on the circuit board is increased, the PCB line width, spacing, and pad are getting smaller and smaller, and the micro-level has been reached. The manual visual inspection method can not be satisfied. In addition, people are prone to fatigue and emotional impact, compared with the manual In terms of inspection, machine vision equipment has higher stability, repeatability and higher precision. We compare the advantages and disadvantages of manual visual inspection and AOI automatic inspection from three aspects of cost, efficiency and stability.


On the other side,  there are 3 advantages for  manual visual inspection

  1.  Normal SMT operator with basic knowledge can work well for convenient and simple of manual visual inspection ;
  2. High flexibility manual visual inspection ;
  3. The initial cost is small, and only the labor cost is invested in the initial stage, and there is no large expenditure;
  4. It is easy to training.  Work can train in the morning, and check the product quality problem in the afternoon.