Surface mount technology (SMT) and Through Hole Technology(THT) are two main content of AOI inspection. Inspection after wave soldering is mainly THT board.How to place AOI more efficiently after wave soldering? VCTA engineers set up two plans.

Plan 1: Top inspection AOI+Laser Guide Repair Station

After wave soldering, PCB board enters into the cleaning machine through the connecting platform. Firstly, the clean machine clean the solder bead. Then, the PCB automatically flips from the solder face down to the solder face up. Next, AOI inspection the PCB board. After that, AOI will send the test results to the Laser Guide repair station. Finally, operators use the laser guide to repair the products.

Top inspection AOI Laser +Guide Repair Station

Plan 2: Simultaneous bottom and top AOI +Laser Guide Repair Station

Different from plan 1, after cleaning machine clears the solder surface.First, AOI inspection the PCB (Here we introduce The VCTA-TB810), and after the test, AOI delivers the test result (component surface) to the Laser Guide Maintenance station 1, where operators can use the laser guide to repair the products. Then enter the automatic plate turning machine (from the component face up to the component face down), At last,AOI will send the test results (solder surface) to the Laser Guide Maintenance station 2, and enter the next process .

Simultaneous bottom and top AOI Laser +Guide Repair Station

Laser Guide Repair Station

The laser guided repair station combines the laser guided and the maintenance station functional. It realizes the automatic laser labeling of the bad points, guides operators to carry out accurate maintenance. The laser guidance platform adopts X and Y gantry structure ,it can control the laser beam moving in X and Y directions. SPC software and AOI software will automatically dock with each other. All the bad information inspected by AOI will be marked by laser to facilitate maintenance.

Laser Guide Repair Station

Simultaneous bottom and top AOI

VCTA-TB810 has two synchronous vision systems, which can Simultaneous inspect the both sides of the PCB.It Greatly improve the detection efficiency.It also can choose the form of machine working according to the actual inspection needs.For example the top side and bottom side inspected at the same time, or only inspect the current side.Through the intelligent barcode recognition system, VCTA-TB810 automatic read the barcode, which makes the data maintenance more conveniently.

Two sets of symmetric visual modules are used to detect the upper and lower sides of PCB