As PCB products move toward ultra-thin, small components, high density, and fine pitch. The assembly density of components on the circuit board is increased, the PCB line width, spacing, and pad are getting smaller and smaller. It has reached the micron level, and the manual visual inspection method has not been met. At present, most factories still use manual visual inspection methods. However, as the market demand for miniaturization and low energy consumption of electronic products is growing, electronic components
The pace of development towards miniaturization is also growing faster.
In addition, people are prone to fatigue and emotional effects, and machine vision equipment has higher stability, repeatability and higher precision than manual visual inspection.
Reduce employee training costs: The speed of training a skilled employee has lagged far behind the rate of employee turnover.
Defect warning: prevent defects in the previous process. We can use the AOI products to cut out the bad machines in time in the solder paste printing, in front of the furnace and in the back of the furnace, and effectively control them through the on-site personnel.
Reduce PCBA maintenance costs: By applying AOI at different quality stations, real-time feedback on process impacts on quality is obtained.