The application of AI is the trend of Industry 4.0. In PCB manufacturing, the introduction of AI will inevitably bring great opportunities. VCTA has developed effective AI solutions, which have successfully used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to simplify production processes and improve production results in unprecedented ways.

Question posed: what is AI?

AI refers to machines or software that mimic human learning functions, including machine learning and deep learning. Machine learning is an AI that USES a variety of algorithmic techniques to allow computers to use data to improve task performance. Deep learning is a more complex form of AI that allows computers to learn in-depth information in data very efficiently. These can be used to improve manufacturing processes.

The purpose of Introduction of AI in AOI

Thanks to the advent of big data and the increasing power of computing, AI has evolved over the past few years into a truly applicable, relevant and effective technology. In the PCB manufacturing industry, the introduction of AI to AOI will bring many advantages, including improved operation, reduced scrap rate, optimized production line operation, reduced labor force, and overall increase in capacity and quality.

What can VCTA bring to us:

VCTA has invested a lot of computing and manpower to integrate professional knowledge, evaluated many methods, learned through tests, combined with its domestic first-class AOI expertise, built AI systems in complex environments, and achieved the best performance.

  1. A strong r&d team is essential. R&d center in shenzhen and hangzhou, VCTA researchers to profound professional knowledge, vector analysis method, logic operation, boundary, detection algorithms such as poor colour (HSV), may be bad image in control center, professional operation personnel will examine the image, and then classified as poor or false positives, when AI solution after learning from the operating personnel decisions, can automatically continuous study and in-depth study, and do judgment in a consistent accuracy.
  2. High-end hardware configuration is key. VCTA S series AOI USES Basler ace high-end industrial camera, with over 1200 megapixel CCD, to meet the customer 01005 and other smaller size components. The multi-layer and multi-angle light source design scheme, with coaxial light source, can accurately obtain the fitting and welding information of components. The top configuration of ipc and servo mechanical and electrical transport, on the premise of ensuring the operation stability and movement accuracy of the equipment, while meeting the characteristics of high service life and low failure rate, provides key support for the introduction of AI.
  3. Cooperation between VCTA and customer is also critical.  VCTA attaches great importance to the experience of each customer, especially the full research of any solution to improve the production process of the customer, and brainstorming to create a meaningful system, timely guide the customer to implement AI solutions, customer collaboration and participation to produce the best results for the AI engine.



In the future, AI will inevitably bring great advantages to PCB manufacturers. VCTA continues to invest a lot of efforts in r&d, perfectly integrating AI and VCTA smart factory, as well as industry 4.0 solutions of PCB manufacturers. Assist PCB manufacturers in moving the industry toward smarter, more powerful manufacturing processes that help them increase production and reduce operating costs