Automatic optical inspection or automated optical inspection (in short, AOI ) is a key equipment used in the quality control of electronics printed circuit boards (PCB) and PCB Assembly (PCBA). Automatic optical inspection, AOI  inspect the electronics assemblies, such as PCBs, to ensure that the items of PCBs are stand on correct position and the connections between them are right. There are many companies around the world design and made automatic optical inspection. Here we present 10 top automatic optical inspection manufacturers in the world. These company are Orbotech, Camtek, SAKI, Viscom,Omron, Nordson, ZhenHuaXing, Screen, AOI Systems Ltd, Mirtec.

1.Orbotech (Israel)

Orbotech is a leading provider of process innovation technologies, solutions and equipment serving the global electronics manufacturing industry.

With over 35 years of proven experience in product development and project delivery, Orbotech specializes in providing highly-accurate, performance-driven yield enhancement and production solutions for manufacturers of printed circuit boards, flat and flexible panel displays, advanced packaging, microelectromechanical systems and other electronic components.

As the demand for increasingly smaller, thinner, wearable and flexible devices continues to grow, the electronics industry needs to translate these developing needs into reality by producing smarter devices that support miniaturized electronics packages, new form factors and different substrates.

Orbotech’s solutions include:

  • Cost-effective/high-end products suited for QTA and sampling production needs;
  • Comprehensive range of AOI products and systems designed for mid to high-volume, advanced PCB and HDI production;
  • Cutting-edge solutions for IC Substrate applications: BGA/CSP, FC-BGAs, advanced PBGA/CSP and COFs;
  • Yellow Room AOI products: photo tools, masks & artwork;


2.Camtek (Israel)

Camtek Ltd. is an Israel-based manufacturer of automated optical inspection (AOI) systems and related products. Products are used by semiconductor fabs, test and assembly houses, and IC substrate and printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers.

Camtek’s innovations have made it a technological leader. Camtek has sold more than 2,800 AOI systems in 34 countries around the world, winning significant market share in all its served markets. Camtek’s customer base includes the majority of the largest PCB manufacturers worldwide, as well as leading semiconductor manufacturers and subcontractors.

Camtek is part of a group of companies engaged in various aspects of electronic packaging including advanced substrates based on thin film technology. Camtek’s uncompromising commitment to excellence is based on Performance, Responsiveness and Support.

Table Camtek Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Product Specifications

CVR-100 ICThe CVR 100-IC is designed for verification and repair of high-end panels for IC Substrate applications.
Camtek’s verification and Repair system (CVR 100-IC) has outstanding image clarity and magnification. Its high throughput, friendly operation and ergonomic design offer the ideal verification tool.
CVR 100-FLThe CVR 100-FL is designed for verification and repair of ultra-fine line PCB panels in main-stream and mass production PCB shops.
Camtek’s verification and Repair system (CVR 100-FL) has outstanding image clarity and magnification. Its high throughput, friendly operation and ergonomic design offer the ideal verification tool.
Dragon HDI/PXLDragon HDI/PXL is designed to scan large panels of up to 30x42". It is equipped with Microlight™ illumination block and Spark™ detection engine. This system is a perfect choice for large panel makers due to its superior detectability and extremely low fales calls rate.
The system's new optical technology Microlight™ provides flexible light coverage by combining superior image with customizable detection requirements.
Dragon HDI/PXL is powered by Spark™ - an innovative cross-platform detection engine.

3.SAKI (Japan)

Since its establishment in 1994, Saki Corporation has acquired a worldwide position in the field of automated visual inspection equipment for printed circuit board assembly. The Company has achieved this important goal guided by the motto embodied in its corporate principle — “Challenging the creation of new value.”

Development, manufacturing, and sales of 2D and 3D automated optical inspection, 3D solder paste inspection, and 3D X-ray inspection systems for use in the printed circuit board assembly process.


4.Viscom (Germany)


Viscom was founded in 1984 as a pioneer of industrial image processing by Dr. Martin Heuser and Dipl.-Ing. Volker Pape. Today, the group employs a staff of 415 worldwide. With its core competence in assembly inspection, Viscom is an important partner to numerous companies in electronics manufacturing. Renowned customers worldwide place their trust in Viscom’s experience and innovative strength.

Viscom – Solutions and systems for all the electronics industry’s inspection tasks
Viscom develops, manufactures and sells high-quality inspection systems. The product portfolio encompasses the complete bandwidth of optical and X-ray inspection operations, especially in the area of electronics assemblies.

5.Omron (Japan)

Omron was established by Kazuma Tateishiin 1933 (as the Tateisi Electric Manufacturing Company) and incorporated in 1948. The company originated in an area of Kyoto called “Omuro “, from which the name “OMRON” was derived. Prior to 1990, the corporation was known as OmronTateisi Electronics. During the 1980s and early 1990s, the company motto was: “To the machine the work of machines, to man the thrill of further creation”.Omron’s primary business is the manufacture and sale of automation components, equipment and systems, but it is generally known for medical equipment such as digital thermometers, blood pressure monitors and nebulizers. Omron developed the world’s first electronic ticket gate, which was named an IEEE Milestone in 2007, and was one of the first manufacturers of automated teller machines (ATM) with magnetic stripe card readers.


6.Nordson (USA)

Nordson YESTECH is a worldwide leader in the design, development and manufacture of advanced automated optical (AOI) inspection solutions for the PCBA and advanced semiconductor packaging industries.

Its major customers include Sanmina, Bose, Celestica, Benchmark Electronics, Lockheed Martin and Panasonic. Its solutions are used in a variety of markets including computer, automotive, medical, consumer, aerospace and industrial. During the last two decades, growth in these markets has increased demand for advanced electronic devices and led to increasing challenges in the design, production and inspection of PCB’s and semiconductor packages. Nordson YESTECH’s yield enhancements solutions are designed to meet these challenges with new and cost effective inspection technologies.


7.ZhenHuaXing (China)

Founded in 1996, Shenzhen Zhenhuaxing Technology Co., Ltd. is the first high-tech enterprise in China that provides automatic optical inspection equipment for SMT and wave soldering processes.

The company focus on the field of optical inspection for more than 20 years. Products include automatic optical inspection equipment (AOI), automatic solder paste tester (SPI), automatic soldering robot, automatic laser engraving system and other products.

The company integrates own research and development, manufacture, installation, training and aftersales service. It has complete products series and  global sale network.

ZhenHuaXing Product List
In-Line SPIVCTA-V850/V850L (L means Large)
Off-Line AOIVCTA-A410 (Basic Version)
VCTA-S610 (High-End Version)
VCTA-Z5 (Standard Version)
VCTA-Z5X (Z axis Moveable with patent)
In-Line AOIVCTA–Z1 (Basic Version)
VCTA-Z588/L (Standard Version)
VCTA -S810 (High-End Version)
VCTA-S910 (3D In-Line AOI)
In-Line AOI (Customed)VCTA -D810 (Double Conveyor)
VCTA -TB810 (Bottom and Top Check)
VCTA-Z7X (Z axis Moveable with patent)

ZhenHuaXing (VCTA) may have the best price compare to other manufacturers for the same level of AOI. The permace of VCTA AOI is high and stable.  It makes and sells about 2000 units of AOIs each year. Now, according new policy of ZhenHauXing, quotation from website will have additional 5% discount. You can Ask Quotaion, if you need.


8.Screen (Japan)

SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co., Ltd. is a  subsidiary of SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. (formerly Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.). It actively involvs in both the graphic arts and PCB-related equipment fields. The company has adopted image processing, a SCREEN foundational business, as a core technology and using our specialist knowledge, it is working to expand both the printing and PCB industries.

In the PCB-related equipment field, it has used our proprietary core direct imaging and image processing technologies as a foundation to create a variety of advanced systems and services. These developments enable faster and more precise imaging and detection, even as PCB wiring patterns become more refined.


9.AOI Systems Ltd (UK)

AOI Systems Ltd the Inspection Specialists with over 15 years experience in the Automated Optical Inspection market. Manufacturing Scanner Based AOI and Image Comparators in the UK. Distributing high specification Video Microscopes, X-Ray & Camera Based AOI throughout Europe. Our equipment partners in Europe, and Asia are specialists in the fields of inspection, test and service, with over fifty years experience and a large number of high profile installations worldwide. AOI Systems is based and manufactures in the UK with distributors for the Scanspection products in Europe, Asia and the US. To contact us or our sales partners please email for information.


10.MIRTEC (Korea)

Mirtec is a company specializing in vision inspection solution. Mirtec has technology in 3D and 2D vision optical inspection to develop the productivity in SMT, semiconductor, and LED manufacturing. The company has supplied its high performance inspection devices to the cutting edge IT industries and automobile electrical fields, both of which require a great reliability and precision.