Automatic Soldering Machine VCTA- FL-602/302

►five-axis linkage, truly achieve 360 degrees no dead angle soldering.
►Computers programming, intuitive, efficient, bulk modifies parameters and optimizing the path.
►Camera accurately and automatically positioning MARK point and precisely automatic compensate coordinates
►150 watt high frequency heating system, heating up fast and temperature stable, ensuring the soldering quality.
►Imported motor, guide screw, sliding screw, making sure the working accuracy.
►Owning data statistics function; come true control the production capacity.
►Adjustable universal fixtures, effectively meet all kinds of PCB.
►Bring anti-impast fuction.
►Cutting tin wire automatically, precisely tin supplying system.
►Owing cleaning function, effectively get rid of residual carbides


In order to meet the highly precision soldering requirement, we bring up the Model FL-602 Visual Automatic Soldering Robot, it control by industrial computer, high speed easy to operate and learn. Composed by international to-level accessories which make sure it’s stability and anti-interference ability far better than the competitor.

Suit for complicated PCB, including multipoint, point and linear soldering way. Model FL-602 not only can meet most complicated PCB soldering requirement but also own patented mark point positioning function


Control SystemComputerIndustrial computer: Intel dual-core/2G DDR,500G HD
Display17-inch TFT
Visual SystemCameraHigh-speed color camera, resolution:20um
Lamp-HouseRing LED flash lamp-house
Image Process SpeedPer-Image time <120ms
Soft SystemOperation SystemMicrosoft Windows XP Professional
Controlling &Recognizing SystemFeatures: Scanning PCB board and obtain 2D images and coordinate
Operation: click directly on solder images, welding when programming, then automatically soldering
MARKPoints: 2 common marks can be chosen; several marks can be chosen Multi-Mark Function
Recognition speed: 0.5 s/a
Max PCB Size270*350mm
Motor control axis5 axis
Axial dynamic rangeX &Y0~435mm
U0~360 ゜
A axisUnlimited
Speed RangX axis/ Y axis/Z axis0.1~700 mm/sec
U axis360°mm/sec
A axis100°/sec
Location Repeat accuracyX axis/ Y axis/Z axis0.01mm
U axis0.02 ゜
A axis0.01mm
Program MemoryDepend on the programming computer storage
Working Platform0~10kg
Load WeightThe Head Part8kg
The system power supplyAC220V, 50/60HZ, 600W power consumption with UPS

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VCTA Automatic Soldering Machine



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