Automatic Soldering Machine VCTA- FL-602/302

â–ºfive-axis linkage, truly achieve 360 degrees no dead angle soldering.
â–ºComputers programming, intuitive, efficient, bulk modifies parameters and optimizing the path.
â–ºCamera accurately and automatically positioning MARK point and precisely automatic compensate coordinates
â–º150 watt high frequency heating system, heating up fast and temperature stable, ensuring the soldering quality.
â–ºImported motor, guide screw, sliding screw, making sure the working accuracy.
â–ºOwning data statistics function; come true control the production capacity.
â–ºAdjustable universal fixtures, effectively meet all kinds of PCB.
â–ºBring anti-impast fuction.
â–ºCutting tin wire automatically, precisely tin supplying system.
â–ºOwing cleaning function, effectively get rid of residual carbides


In order to meet the highly precision soldering requirement, we bring up the Model FL-602 Visual Automatic Soldering Robot, it control by industrial computer, high speed easy to operate and learn. Composed by international to-level accessories which make sure it’s stability and anti-interference ability far better than the competitor.

Suit for complicated PCB, including multipoint, point and linear soldering way. Model FL-602 not only can meet most complicated PCB soldering requirement but also own patented mark point positioning function


Control SystemComputerIndustrial computer: Intel dual-core/2G DDR,500G HD
Display17-inch TFT
Visual SystemCameraHigh-speed color camera, resolution:20um
Lamp-HouseRing LED flash lamp-house
Image Process SpeedPer-Image time <120ms
Soft SystemOperation SystemMicrosoft Windows XP Professional
Controlling &Recognizing SystemFeatures: Scanning PCB board and obtain 2D images and coordinate
Operation: click directly on solder images, welding when programming, then automatically soldering
MARKPoints: 2 common marks can be chosen; several marks can be chosen Multi-Mark Function
Recognition speed: 0.5 s/a
Max PCB Size270*350mm
Motor control axis5 axis
Axial dynamic rangeX &Y0~435mm
U0~360 ?
A axisUnlimited
Speed RangX axis/ Y axis/Z axis0.1~700 mm/sec
U axis360°mm/sec
A axis100°/sec
Location Repeat accuracyX axis/ Y axis/Z axis0.01mm
U axis0.02 ?
A axis0.01mm
Program MemoryDepend on the programming computer storage
Working Platform0~10kg
Load WeightThe Head Part8kg
The system power supplyAC220V, 50/60HZ, 600W power consumption with UPS

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VCTA Automatic Soldering Machine



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