In-line Automatic Optical Inspection(AOI) VCTA- Z7X

VCTA-Z7X on the basis of traditional AOI increased the Z axis, can automatically adjust the focus by lifting the vision module, get the most clear image quality. The VCTA-Z7X can be used in the inspection of the SMT, wave soldering joint and very high plug-in components.
Advantages summary
►5Megapixels high speed Industrial camera & telecentric lens, with high resolution can applied in high precision mounting quality inspection
►The world’s first automatic lifting vision module, can deal with complex mixed mounting / plug-in circuit board
►The camera can automatically identify the barcode on both side of the PCB and make the corresponding information storage, easy to save and trace the product information
►The Z7X designing with its flexible structure, can work as the final quality control station especially in large server or motherboard


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