In-Line Automatic Laser Carving System VCTA-LC800

Can be customized online or
offline according to customer requirements
Advanced international laser with stable output power, superior beam quality, high efficiency, long life, and high precision.
High-speed galvanometer scanning system, fast response speed, high accuracy, low temperature drift coefficient, high repetition accuracy of engraving position.
Smart high-speed CCD camera and TV Lens composed of precision industrial vision systems.
Imported electrical control system and screw rails, track, and control system to ensure precise operation.
The software is powerful, completely self-developed software system, can provide software customization according to customers’demand.


With imported laser for high peak power, high pulse energy, spot diameter size options, stable output power, superior beam quality, high efficiency, long life, high precision, no supplies, pollution, etc., to make the device operation more stable reliable.
International advanced laser

With imported high-speed scanning galvanometer, advanced servo control and efficient photoelectric sensor positioning technology, reliability design, industrial motors and lens coating, fast response speed, high accuracy, low temperature drift coefficient, carving repeat position accuracy advantages.

High-speed galvanometer scanning system

High-quality field lens
Using the world’s finest optical materials with elaborate processing, with one to five optical components, low loss AR coating laser power loss through the lens to the lowest long, fine gathering spot for more subtle application process.

Independent research and development of carving control card.
USB2.0 high-speed bus, high-speed data transmission, easy to use.
Fully supports XY2-100 data interface protocol.
Support X.Y.Z … .. Multi-axis control axis.
High-speed scanning: the fastest possible response to 1us.
It supports a variety of laser control delay function, improving marking results.
Support for working offline, and the signal control work offline.
Support flight marking, marking and flight encoder input.
Original soft-start function, better marking results.
Support polygon delay optimization, better marking results.
Smart High-speed CCD Camera with industrial TV Lens,can accurately identify and analyze product features to ensure the accuracy of engraving.
Constant digital current control light source, light intensity can be adjusted according to different color products to cope with complex carving.
Barvode carving special software, simple interface, easy to learn

Can be carved Code39、Code128、DataMatrix、QRCode、 Han letter code, Text, Graphics, other special bar code can also be customized according to customer requirements
Powerful software functions, easy to understand, according to customer needs to provide software customization features

Application field:Digital products、 Craft gifts、Building materials industry、The advertising industry、 Food industry 、Industrial products 、Other industries (gift (mobile phone shell, MID shell, MP3 shell, power bank, U disk, mobile phone communication components and etc.)


Carving SystemMaterialNon-Metal
CategoryData Matrix/QR Code/Code39/Code128/ Graphics/Word/Number
Spot diameter2-3mm8-10mm2-3mm
Spot focusing diameter50-80um10-30um4-5um
Galvanometer scanning speed3000mm/s
Temperature drift precision? 3um
Laser Power10W/30W/50W20W /10W/30W/50W3W/5W/10W/15W/17W
Pump Supply life~30000H~30000H~20000H
Recognition SystemCamera & LensHigh-Speed Smart CCD Camera with TV industrial Lens
Barcode reading SystemOwning with online reading code system, according to the different levels of bar code to match the corresponding fixed read code
Light source systemThe patented technology of ring tower light, can adjust to different
color boards, dealing with complicated carving process
Incoming recognitionCan recognize the PCB reverse and wrong
MechanismPCB ConveyorPCB fixing: bottom-up, PCB warp correction
SystemAutomatic PCB loading and unloading, Adjustable clearance, Conforming SMEMA standard Orbit clearance: 900 ± 20mm
PCB SizeMini PCB: 80*80mm
Max PCB: 330*250mm
PCB Thickness0.5~4.5mm
Fixing modeMechanical blocking, CCD + MARK position coordinates and correction
X,Y PlatformDriverAC server system
Moving Speed700mm/s
Mini barcode3×3mm3×3mm2×2mm
Minimum Size/PrecisionMini character0.2mm
Orientation± 0.03mm
Location precision0.03mm
Soft SystemOperation SystemMicrosoft Windows 7 X32
Carving control systemCharacteristicCompletely self-developed software system, powerful, easy to operate, according to different requirements of customers to customize respective different systems and software interfaces to send and receive data from the server to meet individual requirements of production management systems
OperationGraphic programming, Chinese, English
Control SystemComputerSmart Industrial Computer, Intel dual-core CPU, Memory:4G, Hard disk: 500G
Display23 inch TFT
Air Supply0.5MPA,80cm3/min
Machine Dimensions(L*W*H)110*135*170cm
Power SupplyAC220V, 10%, single phase 50/60HZ, power consumption 1250W
Working EnvironmentTemperature10-40 ? , humidity 30-80% RH

Product Video

Laser Carving VCTA LC800

Laser Carving VCTA LC800



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